Tailored design for a sustainable fashion label.

  • Luxury Fashion
  • Branding
  • Digital Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframe + Prototyping
  • User Journeys
  • Digital Design / UI + UX

Vegan Leather Essentials is a plant-based leather fashion label bringing less harm to animals and the planet. The pieces are unisex, luxury staples designed for the everyday. We approached the design with this lens, creating a brand identity and web presence which highlights quality and sleek modernism.

Live site

Custom drawn, elongated letterform establish the brand’s monogram. The lockup has a bold presence throughout the identity, used versatilely from woven garment tags to email marketing. The rest of the identity is framed around a refined use of typography and color palette inspired by cacti. The result is a sleek and powerful presence rooted in the quality and detail of the products.

The web experience was designed to be adaptable, bold, confident and seen through the lens of fashion. We built a collection of consistent digital elements that would serve as a foundation for future growth & collections to come.

This luxury e-commerce experience needed to have a strong emphasis on mobile browsing. The digital design system allows for the same rich variety of typographic and editorial designs present on desktop to be showcased on mobile. Bespoke social media templates were also created to ensure brand continuity, covering every aspect of the social marketing journey.

Our challenge was to bring clarity to this unique brand vision of VLE. Framing how existing and future consumers will perceive and engage with the brand.