A refreshed brand system making travel fun.

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  • Branding
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  • User Journeys
  • Digital Design / UI + UX

Our rebrand and website redesign for CALPAK - a veteran brand in the travel space. The refreshed brand system and modular web design was all about making travel fun + scalable for the future.

Live site

We utilized geometric elements within the brand systems to create a classic and buildable foundation. Rounded corners, a fun injection of yellow, modular layouts, and playful utility-driven messaging are the connective tissue of the CALPAK brand. The result is a powerful presence rooted in quality and designed for scale.

When accessing brand fonts, we chose Futura as the single and leading star.
The typeface is drawn from geometric shapes which firmly connect it to the Bauhaus-inspired style of the CALPAK logo. Messaging set in the brand’s primary font becomes visually interconnected to the brand mark in ways that were lacking before. A match made in midcentury heaven.

For those who welcome the unknown, who seek the new, and find joy in the journey. CALPAK exists to help you move through the every day and far away. Experience how fun getting there can be.

The website focused on content optimization, product merchandising, and innovative ways to showcase brand story and the functionality behind every bag.